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Do I need help with my accent?

Do I need help? Is this service right for me?

These are surely questions that cross your mind as you consider whether the service is worth the time/money/effort.

It is a tough question to answer and frankly even harder to objectively isolate to evaluate the impact of improved speech intelligibility.

1) Do I need to pay for this service?

No. There are available resources, readings, youtube tutorials and many more avenues available if you feel the desire to pursue this task independently. There are Meetup groups, social events and even classes that you can enroll in that help facilitate these interactions. I would argue that if you have the determination, perseverance and diligence to make an detail-oriented, attainable and realistic plan and stick to it, then you are well on your way.

The trouble with this self-study approach is that you are not an expert in the field and will likely require a lot of troubleshooting, time and effort. The service is available to expedite your learning, maximize your growth and do so in a way that is functionally relevant to your needs.

2) How will I know if my accent is a problem?

I do not think there is an objective guideline or easy checkbox list to assist with this question. It comes down to your personal position and feelings on the issue. If you are frustrated with repeating yourself, not being understood, stumbling on your words or feeling overlooked because of your accent, would paying a monetary fee to assist you be worth it? If you think "no", then no amount of improvement in communicative effectiveness will truly convince you otherwise. If you say "yes", then I think you acknowledge the role that an accent can play in your communicative ability.

3) Will this service fix my accent?

I strongly believe my services will not fix an accent. Accents are not a problem to be fixed. I would argue that just like callouses on the hand, they are a reflection of who you are and your life experience. An accent just means that the person grew up in a different setting/culture/location than you and therefore has a different set of experiences.

This service will teach you how to use a Canadian English accent, just like a tool in a toolbox or how an actor puts on an accent for a specific role. A British English speaking actor does not fix his/her accent when playing an American role, but learns an accent for the specific role and you can learn a Canadian English accent to use when speaking in English speaking situations to maximize your communicative ability.


If you are still on the fence about whether this service is right for you, contact me. We can schedule a free consultation and if you do not feel the service is necessary, then do not follow through.

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