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Top 4 Accents in Vancouver, Canada - Tagalog/Filipino/Pilipino

Tagalog is the foundation of the Philippine national language. Existing as the lingua franca since the 1930s to connect the country, it was then 'replaced' with Pilipino and then eventually standardized as Filipino, encompassing and incorporating influences from Spanish and English terms, to serve as the standard register of the Tagalog language.

Since the Philippines became a United States colony after America defeated Spain during the Spanish-American War in 1898 and remained under United States rule until approximately 1946, most Filipinos are familiar with English and are able to acclimate to the language and culture well.

The 2011 Canadian census grouped Tagalog, Pilipino and Filipino together so I decided to take a more inclusive and all-encompassing look at the potential difficulties. Check it out and see what you agree/disagree with!


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