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Project Update

Apologies for the lack of content the last few weeks.

I don't have any great excuses for it but I do have some exciting news about what's to come.

As a trained speech language pathologist, I can talk the talk. I can tell you the theoretical reasons why your speech doesn't sound fluent and I can tell you what you need to do differently. The problem is I can't always show you how or what to do, especially since I was born and raised in Canada - I never had another accent to begin with.

What I am going to try to do in a new project is further analyze and breakdown my own ability to learn another accent and apply it to my English. Using a voice recorder, I will document my own learning of a new accent. Now, I can't promise that it will sound authentic, especially at first, but cut me some slack and watch/listen as I develop the skill.

Did I also mention it'll be made into a weekly podcast format for your listening pleasure?

Stay tuned for more info or check back every week for an update.

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