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5 Bullet Brief

Starting this business has thus far been a roller coaster of persistence and laziness. Some days I have spurts of energy and motivation and other days I struggle or am distracted with the 20+ other interests in my life.

How do I stay motivated?

How do I generate content consistently?

Does anything I have to say matter?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I'm not sure of any of the above and the truth is, I'm not sure if anyone even reads what I write.

But..............that's okay.

I'm starting to realize that I can be a voice on the internet and if it helps just one person then it's worth doing. Regardless of how often or how little I create, the goal should consistently be to reach one person and to do so often.

To keep myself accountable, making a commitment to content creation is my best solution -- to be held accountable to others and the guilt/fear of failing. So I'm committing myself to creating an email newsletter similar to Tim Ferriss' that requires me to do some investigative web surfing and pondering on a regular basis. I love Tim Ferriss' framework though because it still remains casual and low-key, which will limit my desires for perfection and subsequent analysis paralysis.

The framework I want is as follows:

5-Bullet Brief 🧠 Journal Club - Discussion and a link to an interesting journal article related to accent modification, pronunciation techniques or protocols or language learning. 💬 Thoughtful Quote - An inspiring quote that pertains to accents, learning or perseverance that resonates with me - particularly in the context of language and accents. 📖 Vocabulary Word - A new word to expand my vocabulary. This may vary from words often mispronounced to words that I've learned 💎 Tech Finds - Any new or interesting websites and apps that are pushing boundaries on teaching accents, learning English or anything in-between. ❌ Message Mishap - Educational reflection on communication errors that pop up. Whether it has to do with sounds, gestures, or any of the suprasegmental nuances to English, I'll discuss one mishap and the repercussions.

I'm excited to bring this newsletter to fruition and bring value to anyone who will listen!

#educational #Quote #research

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