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"The Pitch" - AccentOutLoud Episode 1

Restarting this aspect of my life/career. I have a clearer idea of what I want to do with this outlet and I plan on making this a a recurring weekly podcast. Today I'm recapping who I am, my aspirations for this podcast and getting the sense of what I want this to be.

About the Show:

Accent Out Loud is your weekly source for English communication, insights, experimentation, and inspiration. Every Thursday (and sometimes more) I'll share my personal take on English communication, tips of English communication and what I think is important in clear communication. If you have an interest in improving your English communication, learning a speech-language pathologist's perspective on the field, or just want uniquely interesting podcast, you're sure to find something useful in each episode. It's my hope that you'll become a fan and gain a better appreciation and understanding of what is involved in your accent as a result!

AccentOutLoud is proudly made by me, a one-man team from Lucid Accent Consulting.

Feel free to get in touch for any thoughts, ideas, or feedback!

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